The enjoyment of being in your backyard.




The enjoyment of being in your backyard can be increased 100% by being naked. You can mow the lawn, do your gardening, or simply relax and have an 20171008_131715.jpgafternoon drink completely naked and in communion with nature. You will enjoy your surroundings to the fullest.



Becoming a naturist/nudist.

     20180729_111700-animation  The different stages of becoming a nudist simply involves, removing your clothes and feeling the freedom and enjoyment of nudity.To become comfortable being naked and confident of your self image, start removing your clothes and get naked. Take photos of yourself as you remove your clothes and you will realize you are the same person.

It is a shame that we have to do this because of the views of our society toward nudity. We were born to be naked and not ashamed of our bodies.

You can enjoy nudity at home, socially with friends, on vacation trips and cruises.





How to convince friends to become nudists.

I know a couple that are my friends, that were thinking of becoming nudists, but didn’t know how to start. They  know I am a nudist, so they asked me. Well, I told them,

“come to my house in the evening and I will show you”.They did come, and I greeted them.


Greeting my friends.      
I told them, this , this is the way to start!

 I told them, this  is the way you start!

Then you go to this!!

You are a Nudist!!!!

20171103_152349 (1) At that point, they couldn’t wait to take off their clothes and join me. They are still my friends, but now they are, Nudists!!!